Museum of Contemporary Art Nashville will host popup exhibition from March 13 to May 29, 2021

MOCAN will present the works of 20 contemporary artists in the premier of its Traveling Museum Project focused on social inadequacies

Nashville, TN (January 11, 2021) — Museum of Contemporary Art Nashville (MOCAN) has announced the first iteration of its Traveling Museum Project (TMP1), which will be held at 1004 Gallatin Ave. in East Nashville from March 13 to May 29, 2021.

The show, titled “Radical” Thoughts, has been inspired by the social inadequacies laid bare by the crises of our time.

A global crisis in the 21st century is much more than quarantine baking, hand washing techniques, and curbside pickup. We have learned that a global crisis changes the way society operates. This change in operation has exposed and continues to expose the inadequacies in our system and how it is failing us. These same inadequacies fuel the need to create new practices that will not only assist in the advancement of our society but allow us to define the relationship between radical thought and radical practice.

Through art, MOCAN explores how science, sustainability, and socialism can and will contribute to us creating a new, functional, and citizen-oriented system in TMP1. It will be a chance for audiences to reflect on the pressing issues of our time and consider a diverse range of contemporary perspectives.

The 20 selected artists for the show work in a wide range of media and represent a diverse assortment of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Participants include Ali El-Chaer, Alison Underwood, Ashanté Kindle, Chalet Comellas-Baker, Clint Sleeper, Dan Derwelis, Jazlyn Eubanks, Jordan Benton, Laura Klopfenstein, Libby Danforth, Marlos E’van, Maya Shoham, Nadia Nizamudin, Nana Maiolini, Nuveen Barwari, Quynh Lam, Suzy Slykin, Veronica Leto, Vivian Liddell, and Woke3.

“It’s clear that we are all experiencing things and facing challenges that we never thought we would,” said Jami Creel, MOCAN’s executive director. “Through TMP1, we hope to showcase a collection of distinctive artistic voices and help our audience contemplate this ‘new normal’ and come together around a better, more equitable future for us all.”

Visitors can book their tickets to TMP1 through the official invitation. They should be aware that, due to COVID-19 safety protocols, there may be wait times before entry to the exhibition is granted.

Museum of Contemporary Art Nashville (MOCAN) is a sacred space that brings people together and opens their minds with thought-provoking art from near and far. By bringing different points of view to the table to be acknowledged, discussed, and understood through the expression of art, we foster creativity and spark analytical conversation.

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Museum of Contemporary Art Nashville partners with multimedia show to host its first pop-up Nov. 10 during Nashville Design Week

Nashville, Tenn. – Museum of Contemporary Art Nashville (MOCAN) will host its first “pop-up” museum in a Wedgewood-Houston warehouse during Nashville Design Week on November 10, 2018.

MOCAN has partnered with Payton Newcomer, curator and co-creator of the multimedia show, PANTONE (not affiliated with Pantone LLC.), for the fourth installment “PANTONE UV." This show explores the impact of new media art on contemporary art forms. The title centers around Pantone's color of the year — Ultra Violet. The purpose of the MOCAN x PANTONE UV event is to showcase virtual reality, multimedia sculpture, traditional paintings, and audiovisual installation while highlighting incredible artists local to Nashville and beyond.

“The importance of partnering with an event like this is to showcase the type of art MOCAN wants to highlight,” said Jami Creel, Founder of MOCAN. “Our aim is to support local artists, while also bringing emerging art in from around the world. This pop-up is meant to facilitate conversation among art supporters as well as community leaders for what is needed next in Nashville — a contemporary art museum. We believe the opportunity and drive are here to make it happen.”

This one-day pop-up show will honor work from 17 artists from all over the country including many local artists.

The 18 artists showing are as follows:

Jasmine ArchieFrancesco Lo CastroElise DrakeGabby GonzalesJesse HaleMatthew JonesMKAV, Jonny KingsburySophia LauerMarcus ManganniOseanLetitia QuesenberryKeith RankinFrancis ThomasovichAlex ThompsonSicheng WangJen WatsonAmy Wetsch

MOCAN x PANTONE UV will be November 10 at 6pm CST at 429 Houston Street. To purchase your ticket visit

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The Museum of Contemporary Art Nashville (MOCAN) will be designed and curated for artists, the Nashville community and its visitors. MOCAN will house the work of international and local artists to inspire artistic ideas, spark analytical conversation and bring the community together. As the museum grows both in size and respect among art enthusiasts, it will draw visitors from around the world and further put Nashville on the stage as one of America’s most innovative, creative and cultured cities. For more information visit

About PANTONE *Not affiliated with Pantone LLC.
PANTONE is a series of art shows dedicated to showcasing art in a form that engages viewers unlike a traditional gallery show; a new vision that appeals to the affluent gallery aficionado and the artistic outliers alike. Utilizing new technologies in tandem with more traditional art forms, the show demands interaction and provokes a conversation about our changing digital-centric world. These series of shows aim to build a community around these new art forms and showcases their importance in the contemporary art world.

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Nashville Design Week is a week-long, city-wide series of interdisciplinary programs and events to unite the design community, promote collaboration and idea sharing, engage the public, and elevate the impact of Nashville’s design economy. For more information and to see the calendar of events visit

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