What is the Traveling Museum Project?

MOCAN will host up to four pop-ups asynchronously throughout Nashville as a way to engage with the community, build awareness, and demonstrate the market need for a permanent contemporary art museum. This will be an integral part of MOCAN's story, defining its creation and demonstrating the power that a community has to change the world. Each pop-up will have a unique theme and will be customized to the space that it is in. The first edition, TMP1, is coming March 2021.

What is the curatorial statement for TMP1?

“Radical” Thoughts

A global crisis in the 21st century is much more than quarantine baking, hand washing techniques, and curbside pickup. We have learned that a global crisis changes the way society operates. This change in operation has exposed and continues to expose the inadequacies in our system and how it is failing us. These same inadequacies fuel the need to create new practices that will not only assist in the advancement of our society but allow us to define the relationship between radical thought and radical practice. Through art, we explore how science, sustainability, and socialism can and will contribute to us creating a new, functional, and citizen-oriented system.

What type of artwork is acceptable to submit?

All visual media — painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, digital art, mixed media, illustration, woodwork, etc. are acceptable for submissions.

Do I have to be from Nashville/Tennessee?

No. This show is open to artists worldwide. 

What is the fee to submit? 

Zero. There is no submission fee.

What is the maximum file size for attachments in the application? 

You can submit up to 10 files with a maximum file size of 100 MB in the application.

How is artwork selected? 

MOCAN has a four-member curation advisory committee that will review and select the artist submissions, with input from the curator and executive director.

If I am chosen to participate in TMP1, who pays for the shipping of my artwork? 

Shipping costs are to be covered by the artist. 

Is there a stipend for selected artists? 


How long will you need my artwork? 

February - June 2021. Dates will vary.

Additional questions? 

Contact our curator via brooke@mocanashville.org.

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